Feeling it!

Feeling it!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A Conversation about Korea

Our Universe 
Has 100 Billion+ Galaxies
and Our Galaxy is called
The Milky Way
*Can you name another Galaxy?

Our Galaxy
The Milky Way
has 200 Billions+ Stars
and our Star is called
The Sun
*Can you name another Star?

Our Star
The Sun
Rules a Solar System 
One of 500 Billion in our galaxy

Our Solar System     
Has 8 Planets
and our Planet
is called 
*Can you name another planet?

Our Planet
Has 7 Continents
and our Continent 
is called North America
*Can you name another Continent? 
This is a hard one 

Our Continent
North America
 Has 23 countries
 and our country is called 
The United States of America
* Can you name another country?

Our Country
The United States of America 
has 50+ states
 and our state is called
Rhode Island
*Can you name another state?

Our State
Rhode Island
has 39 cities and towns
and our City is called 
(It is the capital of Rhode Island!)
*Can you name another city or town?

Our City
has 6o+ preschools
 and our preschool is called
Brown Fox Point
*Can you name another preschool?

Our Preschool
Brown Fox Point
Has four classrooms
And our classroom is called
The Redwoods
*Can you name another classroom?

Our Classroom
The Redwood class
has 20 children
And You Are One Of Them!
*Can you name another Redwood?


  1. I love the way you broke this down- especially "can you name another one?". I'm sure the children were very interested in this since it was child initiated and related to someone they cared about. It's things like this that make me miss BFP and reminds me how much other teachers can learn from you.

    By the way, when did the room names change and what are the other three rooms called?

    1. Thank You Sheila!
      I enjoyed the conversation with the child involved. He and I went over this for about four days. He kept asking good brainy questions and I kept adding more things for him to think about like what might it look like if we were in Korea or Ireland. Two place where some of our "BFP Friends" had visited for the summer. I asked him he thinks Ireland and Korea have states like America?

      The other classrooms are called Maples(3s) Chestnuts(3s) and Willows downstairs (4s) and of course Redwoods(4s)
      Hope you are having a great night!