Feeling it!

Feeling it!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Gardenia

As I walked the hospital grounds in the stress and pain of child birth, I saw a Gardenia bush. I knew in the deepest depths of my soul that I will always and forever remember this day. I knew I needed a pleasant smell to accompany my memory. The Gardenia was in bloom in June just as I was blooming with you inside of me. The Gardenia, sweet and pure as I was sweet and pure at the tender age of 20. The Gardenia blossom sacrificed its life for me to hold as I sacrificed my life for you. The summer was hot and unrelenting as you demanded attention that day. The Gardenia, in return, demanded attention with its stalk white petals and pungent fragrance. I squeezed and mangled that blossom leaving the Gardenia tattered and wilted in my hands. When it was all over, there you were for me. Like a gift from the heavens. The smell of the Gardenia lingered in the room as I held you in my arms. I will always treasure the day you came into this world and into my life. 

Some say that if you give Gardenia as a gift it means Secret Love. And that's just what you are to me, My Secret Love! So gentle, so soft. Unseen to the rest of the world for there are many other beautiful flowers for them. Seen only by the ones who seek true beauty. The only ones who truly matter.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Young lavender

Young lavender
Growing in the belly of a fish
Reaching for the sky
Relentlessly searching for the light

Saturday, April 7, 2012

You move me beyond words

Like the seahorse moves through the weeds by the force of the water which moves the waves on and off this land.

The waves ...Moved by the Moon which circles around this Earth. This Earth.... on her own journey to make seasons change for you. Winters turn into Springs...and Springs into the Summers of your Birth... she goes her own way around. All of this by the force of her speed caused by the gravitational pull of our Sun.

Moved beyond all that can be expressed.

You move me beyond words.