Feeling it!

Feeling it!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A Conversation about Korea

Our Universe 
Has 100 Billion+ Galaxies
and Our Galaxy is called
The Milky Way
*Can you name another Galaxy?

Our Galaxy
The Milky Way
has 200 Billions+ Stars
and our Star is called
The Sun
*Can you name another Star?

Our Star
The Sun
Rules a Solar System 
One of 500 Billion in our galaxy

Our Solar System     
Has 8 Planets
and our Planet
is called 
*Can you name another planet?

Our Planet
Has 7 Continents
and our Continent 
is called North America
*Can you name another Continent? 
This is a hard one 

Our Continent
North America
 Has 23 countries
 and our country is called 
The United States of America
* Can you name another country?

Our Country
The United States of America 
has 50+ states
 and our state is called
Rhode Island
*Can you name another state?

Our State
Rhode Island
has 39 cities and towns
and our City is called 
(It is the capital of Rhode Island!)
*Can you name another city or town?

Our City
has 6o+ preschools
 and our preschool is called
Brown Fox Point
*Can you name another preschool?

Our Preschool
Brown Fox Point
Has four classrooms
And our classroom is called
The Redwoods
*Can you name another classroom?

Our Classroom
The Redwood class
has 20 children
And You Are One Of Them!
*Can you name another Redwood?